September property transfers

Tue, 10/01/2019 - 4:00pm

The Lincoln County Registry of Deeds provided the following information on property transfers recorded in September:

Alna: Ayers, Kenneth W. Tr. and Ayers Family Trust to Edmonston, Robert P. Tr., Edmonston, Sheri Celeste Tr.,  RP & SC Edmonston Trust and Edmonston, RP & SC Trust; Risser,William R. to Wick, Stanley M. III; Smith, Helen Worthing Est. and Smith, Joshua M. P R to Turcotte, Austin C. and Turcotte, Danika L.; Campbell, Rosemary to Campbell, Robert George;  Al, Chokhachy Carolyn A. Tr., Chokhachy, Carolyn A. Al Tr, Carolyn A. Al Chokhachy Living Trust, Al, Chokhachy Carolyn A. Living Trust and Chokhachy, Carolyn A. Al Living Trust to Garren, Bruce P. Tr, Garren, Katherine L. Tr. and Garren Family Trust.

Boothbay: Kramer, James W. and Kramer, Jo Ellen to Salzillo, Amy and Blanchette, Carol; Hall, Michael J. and Hall, Lizbeth Allen to MLE LLC; Pierce, Wayne E. and Pierce, Veronica W. to Phelps, Lacey J. and Phelps, Jeremy D.;  Boothbay Boothbay Harbor Cemetery District to Harris, Pieternella and Harris, Lee; Seymour, Susan Lathbury to Seymour, Susan L. Tr., Seymour, Joseph J. Tr. and Red Spruce Real Estate Trust; Morton, Ralph A. Jr. and Morton, Rosalie V. to Lilly, Beverly R. and Murray, Ann L.; Morton, Ralph A. Jr. Tr., Dorothy L. Morton Trust Of 1999 and Morton, Dorothy L. Trust Of 1999 to Lilly, Beverly R. and Murray, Ann L.; Morton, Ralph A. Jr. and Morton, Rosalie V. to AC Midcoast Storage LLC; Morton, Ralph A. Jr. Tr., Dorothy L. Morton Trust Of 1999 and Morton, Dorothy L. Trust Of 1999 to AC Midcoast Storage LLC; Boothbay Workshop Inc. to Goode, Andrew G. and Poland, Ashley D.; Klock, Dexter F. P R, Klock, Stanley W. Est. and Klock, Douglas O. P R to Specht, Danny Westell and Specht, Elaine Sartwell; Goldstein, Iris S. Tr., Goldstein, Iris S. Trust and Iris S. Goldstein Trust to Swails, Brent Sandmeyer and Delay, Pauline Anna Marie; Alley, Stephen E. and Alley, Eleanor G. to Carrick, Charles R.; Gopsill, Janet M. Tr., Gopsill,  Janet M. 1990 Trust and Janet M. Gopsill 1990 Trust to Colby, Cynthia S., Stahle, Douglas W. and Stahle, James R.; Collins, David C. Tr., Collins, Gretchen S. Tr. and Collins Family Trust to Collins, Gretchen S. and Collins, David C.; Collins, David C. and Collins, Gretchen S. to Weise, Michael D., Weise, Mitchell E., Collins, Jason D. and Betts, Jennifer K.; Lord, Frances A. P R, Lord, Robert A. Est., Lord, Frances A. Tr., Robert A. Lord Revocable Trust, Robert A. Lord Family Trust and Lord Robert A. Family Trust to Lord, Frances A. Tr., Frances A. Lord Revocable Trust, Lord, Robert A. Trust and Lord, Frances A. Revocable Trust; Lord, Frances A. Tr., Frances A. Lord Revocable Trust and Lord, Frances A. Revocable Trust to Pittelli, Linda J. and Pittelli, Patrick P.; Bryer, Heather to Lorrain, Jason and Bryer, Heather; Goode, Marilyn E. and Goode, Marilyn to Newton, Robert and Newton, Ellen; Baldwin, Alan P. to Baldwin, Tonya M; Baldwin, Tonya M. to Baldwin, Alan P.; Medeiros, Jodie E. Tr., Roland C. Boardman Revocable Trust and Boardman, Roland C. Revocable Trust to Medeiros, Jodie E. Tr. and Family Trust; Medeiros, Jodie E. Tr. and Family Trust to Wells, Phillip M.; Sherman, Paul M. Tr., Paul M. Sherman Living Trust and Sherman, Paul M. Living Trust to Boothbay Region Water District; Freeman, Sarah T. to Carrick, Wendy; Bank Of America N A and Chaousis, James D. II to Bank Of America N A.

Boothbay Harbor: Hutchings, Fred H. to Rego, Matthew B. and Rego, Brian R.; Newell, Stewart P. and Morris, Susan V. to Goodnow, Judith V. Tr., Judith V. Goodnow Trust and Goodnow, Judith V. Trust; McArtor, Robert E. and McArtor Linda J. to Reilley, Mark E. and Reilley, Diana L.; Haynes, George P., Haynes, Susan M., Pierce, Shelley G. and Haynes, Thomas P. to Haynes, George P. and Haynes, Judith L.; Mundy, Sarah A. to Mundy, Marion E.; Rockwell, John D. and Rockwell, Ellen M. to Rockwell Family Trust and Bates, Susan M. Tr.; Rice, Douglas C .Tr., Rice, Sprucewold Trust, Rice, David W. Tr., Rice Family Trust, Boulos, Cheryl R. Tr., Cheryl R. Boulos Revocable Trust and Boulos, Cheryl R. Revocable Trust to Maddocks, Sewall T. Jr., Van Der Veen, Marion and Van Der Veen, Jacqueline; Monaghan, Matthew J. and Monaghan, Karen E. to Gerhardt, Charles Tr., Gerhardt, Leslie Tr. and Gerhardt Trust; Andrews, James F. Jr. and Milne, Bonnie L. to Schiaroli, John C. and Schiaroli, Heather A.; Morris, Nancy H. and Morris, Michael A. to Iannoni, F. Joseph Jr. Tr., Wild, Susan E. Tr., Iannoni Family Revocable Trust, Wild, Susan E. Revocable Trust and Susan E. Wild Revocable Trust; Payne, John M. Tr., Palmer Payne Living Trust and Payne, Palmer Living Trust to Payne, John M.; Hemmer, Gary P R and Hozdala, Paul William Est. to Tuthill, Alan L. and Tuthill, Nancy M.; Leeman, Michele M. to Maddocks, Sewall T. Jr.;  Stelpstra, Jane E. and Gower, Jane E. to Desjardins, Donna M.

Dresden: Bryant, Kerry P. and Bryant, Elizabeth Grace to Schwerling, Timothy Michael; Berry, Judith A. Tr., Judith A. Berry Living Trust and Berry, Judith A. Living Trust to Nichols, Randall H. and Nichols, Karen S.; Fairservice, Robin J. and Crocker, Paula J. to Crocker, Evan C.; Nichols, Randall H. and Nichols, Karen S. to Lemar Realty LLC; Beasley, Heather B. to Beasley, Heather, Ballard, Milligan Gravel Corp and Milligan Ballard Gravel Corp; Bailey, Earl D. Est. and Lipman, Julie A. P R to Edgecomb, Bruce A. and Edgecomb, Marcia L.; Wotkyns, Edward S. and Wotkyns, Edward S. II to Currier, Diane L.;  Levitt, Lucy A. Est., Wigley, Jessica P R and Levitt, Lucy Ann Est. to Levitt, Douglas L. Jr.; Wigley, Jessica Cons, Levitt, Douglas L. Jr. and Levitt, Douglas to Garceau, Janine L. Tr., Garceau, Janine L. Living Trust and Janine L. Garceau Living Trust; Hatch, Mary R. and Hatch, Dexter H. to Andrews, Aimee M. and Andrews, Craig A.; Hatch, Mary R. and Hatch, Dexter H. to Bodge, Nicole M. and Rogers, Joshua M.; Jackson, Rosalie J. to Lemar Realty LLC.

Edgecomb: Wright, Kathleen S. Tr., Wright, Kathleen S. Revocable Living Trust and Kathleen S. Wright Revocable Living Trust to Collins, Paulina M.; Newbury, Angela D. P R and Newbury, Clare C. Est. to Hobson, Thomas G. and Lacerte, Susan J.; HSBC Bank USA National Association Tr., Structured Adjustable Rate Mortgage Loan Trust Mortgage Pass Through Certificate, Cusomano, Jeffrey S. and Cusomano, Linda L. to HSBC Bank USA National Association Tr. and Structured Adjustable Rate Mortgage Loan Trust Mortgage Pass Through Certificate; Johnson, Randolph W. and Johnson, Deborah L. to Turner, Debra L.

Southport: Deep Cove Nominee Trust and Rines, S. Melvin Tr. to Deep Cove Landing LLC; Peek, Philip M. and Peek, Patricia E. to Peek, Philip M. Tr., Peek Family 2015 Revocable Trust and Peek, Patricia E. Tr.; Oak Leaf Financial LLC to Harris, Trudy and Oteri, Joseph P.; Lipman, Sumner H. and Lieb, Dawn B. to View to Sea LLC; Ellis, Howard B. III, Pond, Thomas W. and Spoon, Susan Pond to Suyematsu, Jeffrey K. and Hebert, Elaine Cochrane;  Heil, Pamela S. and Spillane, Kevin M. and Chavez, Robert Lee and Fish, Lindsey Elizabeth; Helstosky, Anthony Tr., Margaret Helstosky Living Trust and Helstosky, Margaret Living Trust to Myers, Carol Ann and Myers, Robert B. II.

Westport Island: Delano, Llewellyn H. and Delano, Terri Lee to Reed, Joshua J. and Reed, Wallis L.; Desai, Mona M. and Desai, Abhijit to Mona Desai Trust and Desai, Mona Trust; Affordable Home Solutions LLC to Elwell, Rickey P. and Elwell, Theresa J.; St. Amour, Paul A. A., St Amour, Mary Jane, St. Amour, Maryjane, St. Amour, Paul S. and St. Amour, Anthony A. to Julian, Claire A. and Scribner, Robert H.

Wiscasset: Wiscasset Inhab Of to Konvalinka, Lois E. Hrs; Wiscasset Inhab Of to Asdot, Marion H.; Wiscasset Inhab Of to Zycki, Wojtex; Wiscasset Inhab Of to Hunter, Keith A.;  Wiscasset Inhab Of to Powell, Colleen; Pickering, William H. P R, Dalton, Pamela J. P R and Pickering, Dorothy Jeanette Est. to Hodgdon, Charles W. and Hodgdon, Roberta N.; Tonry, Sandra B. to Griffin, Nikki and Griffin, Michael J. Jr.; Baez, Federico T. to Adams, David T. and Seise, Alexander D.; Wiscasset Inhab Of to Haggett, Cody A.; Brooker, Diane H. and Ripley, Diane H. to Stone, Devin M. and Everett, Courtney; Swartz, Crissy M. Tr., Swartz, Marc A. Tr., Crissy M. Swartz Living Trust and Swartz, Crissy M. Living Trust to Menghini, John Paul Tr., Menghini, Donna Tr. and Menghini 2015 Revocable Trust; Reynolds, Theodore Wayne to Krenzel, Danielle L. and Krenzel, Arthur E. III; Smith, Joelle E., Haase, Joelle E. and Haase, Daniel W. Jr. to Tringali, Kristen and Tringali, Arthur.