Westport Island selectmen

Small philanthropist, big heart; 6-year-old donates lemonade proceeds

Tue, 07/27/2021 - 11:00am

    At Monday night’s Westport Island selectmen’s meeting, Deputy Clerk Gaye Wagner gave a happy report of a young entrepreneur-philanthropist. Linnea Helland, 6, brought a smile to many faces last week during the island yard sale with her lemonade stand and continued to do so when she decided to donate what she’d raised to Westport Fire Department and Friends of Westport Island History. She even made out giant checks to present to each organization giving them $58 and $73, respectively. She spends time in the summer on the island with her grandparents, who live off Main Road.

    Chair George Richardson said the town received $24,412 from Maine Department of Transportation from the Local Road Assistance Program, which must be used towards capital improvements. The funds can be used for various projects, including banking it to use for a further project. Richardson moved that the funds be banked for use towards the phase two paving project on town road in 2022. He said phase two will probably include Greenleaf Road and East Shore Road, but that will be up to the road committee.

    Town Clerk Julie Casson said the town hall rental agreement will be brought to the board at next week’s meeting. Casson also said a tree behind the sand and salt shed was taken down by Gary Cromwell, and staff were very appreciative as they were worried about how far it was leaning.

    Wagner reported that the office completed a full data migration and upgrade to the server this week and all staff and selectmen’s emails are backed up and have OneDrive backup. Wagner also said the one barrier to opening the town office more fully is having a more physical barrier for safety and efficiency. She met with residents Mary and Rich Coventry who have experience as a planner and carpenter, respectively, and they are working on a design for a half door and window inside the office. Selectman Ross Norton said, “We want it to be temporary-permanent, we want to be able to take it out.”

    Selectmen approved a request from Jessica Pancake of Squire Tarbox Inn for its liquor license to extend to the event barn on Sunday for an event. With all the rain and lack of asphalt, there was a concern last week of how long it was taking to fill potholes; resident Davies Allan sent an email to Richardson saying he saw they were now done.