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Steller’s sea-eagle in the Boothbay region

Thu, 01/20/2022 - 1:15pm

From Jeff and Allison Wells’ “A Bird’s Tale” column: “In the time since we wrote about the Steller’s sea-eagle that had appeared in and around Five Islands a few weeks ago, most readers will probably be aware that the bird had moved over to Boothbay Harbor where it has been attracting hundreds of people eager to see it or photograph it. The extreme rarity of the bird, which hails from Siberia (more background in our previous column, “A ‘Steller’ Bird”), is why so many bird enthusiasts are willing to travel even from across the U.S. for a chance to see it and count it on their life list. The amazing rarity of the bird and the large crowds of birders gathered to get a glimpse of it have meanwhile made it an event worthy of stories in many media outlets, from the state to the national level. And of course, the news stories increase the number of people who are curious and have made the trip to Boothbay to try to see it themselves.”

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