Student council visits Togus

Posted:  Wednesday, December 12, 2018 - 7:30am

On Dec. 4, Wiscasset Middle High School's high school student council traveled to visit the veterans at Togus. This is the fifth year the students have visited. It has become a tradition the students really look forward to.

Students sat with veterans and listened in awe to their stories of their time in the military including the wars they were involved in fighting and surviving. Every time they visit, the students bring beautiful handmade lap blankets knitted by a local artisan who donates them to the veterans. Students see the happiness in the veterans' eyes when they give one of the cozy blankets to them.

The students also entertained the veterans with holiday songs sung with gusto. The veterans' loud applause is a very heartfelt one. The students set up Christmas trees on the different floors and decorated the trees and rooms with festive decorations and lights. Each year it is such a wonderful learning experience for the students.

Holiday cards the students made are being mailed to Togus to be given to veterans so they will know they are being thought of during this holiday season. On past visits, students have done holiday cookie baking and decorating with the veterans. The abundant smiles were indicative of how much the veterans enjoyed having the students' help in the fun activity. The staff at Togus is always welcoming and kind to the students and is ready to answer any questions the students may have.

In the post-visit discussions, students reflect on the veterans and what they learned from them.