These are the steps businesses must take to reopen

Thu, 04/30/2020 - 4:30pm

    In order to open whether May 1 or in a later phase, Maine businesses must commit to complying with the requirements of these checklists by filling out a short online form.

    In addition to completing the form, business owners are asked to download a general checklist, for all industries, and an industry-specific checklist, to identify best practices for safely operating your business during COVID-19.

    “Please note these checklists may be updated as new information about COVID-19 or safe business practices emerge,” said the Maine Department of Economic and Community Development. “New industry checklists will be distributed ahead of each staged opening to allow businesses to prepare.” 

    The Maine Department of Economic and Community Development is also making badges for businesses using the checklists to voluntarily post on their doors, website or social media channels to help instill consumer confidence in their operations. (Those badges will be available at when available.)

    “We look forward to collaborating with businesses to implement practical, reasonable, evidence-informed safety protocols and modifications that protect the health and safety of employees and customers,” the MECD said.