Trainings to prevent underage drinking offered in Lincoln County

Wed, 12/05/2018 - 2:30pm

Healthy Lincoln County and the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office are working together to provide local restaurants, bars, and stores with Responsible Beverage Server training this December.

Training will be offered on Dec. 19 at the Lincoln County Planning Commission building in Wiscasset. Advanced registration through Healthy Lincoln County is required by calling 5631330. The training costs $15 per person and is valid for three years. Participants must present a state-issued photo ID at the time of training.

The trainings are taught by Chief Deputy Rand Maker and Sgt. Mark Bridgham, and are part of a larger initiative to reduce drunk driving, binge drinking, and youth’s access to alcohol. Participants will gain knowledge on safe serving practices, identifying false ID’s, assessing for intoxication, preventing sales to minors, and more.

“The Sheriff’s Office looks at these trainings as part of our strategy to reduce access to alcohol by minors. Working with our community partners like Healthy Lincoln County has proven to be one of the most effective ways to support this strategy”, says Chief Deputy Rand Maker.

Youths may sometimes access alcohol through friends or family, or they may access it through restaurants and convenience stores. There are more opportunities for them to access alcohol during the holidays due to an increase in liquor sales and social gatherings where alcohol is served. Currently, there are 152 active liquor license holders in Lincoln County.

Healthy Lincoln County is available as a resource to business owners and community members interested in learning more about the risks of alcohol consumption and detecting alcohol impairment in the workplace. Additional Seller-Server Trainings can be held upon request. Please contact Jess Breithaupt for more information: or call (207) 563-1330.