Welcome to our new look

Fri, 07/12/2019 - 10:00pm

Notice something different? We hope so.

We've been hard at work planning, designing and installing our new look for our award-winning websites.

And with that we introduce our new look, designed to use wider desktop screens while re-arranging itself responsively to tablet and smart phone screen sizes.  

You will find the information is arranged the same, but our sites on your home computer are now much wider – spacious and easier to read – not cluttered attempting to fit the narrower screen widths of just a few years ago. 

To help with searching the sites, there is now a larger search window in the upper right. Our feature stories at the top of the page no longer rotate; they are fixed, so you can see each headline and feature photo and find stories of interest.  

If you prefer to view the site via a smartphone, the new layout allows you to view all parts of the site rearranged to fit the smaller screen. You can now visit all aspects of the site from the phone, not just stories, as was the case with our old mobile layout.

We've also updated the layout of the business directory and business listings. Find contact info and details about a business quickly and clearly.

So here's the new look, for your enjoyment and news needs on all your devices. We like it and we want to hear what you think. Send any questions or comments to news@wiscassetnewspaper.com or news@boothbayregister.com. And happy exploring!