Westport Island names road commissioner

Tue, 09/27/2022 - 8:45am

    The chair of Westport Island’s road committee, Jim Cromwell, has agreed to be the town’s road commissioner, Westport Island Second Selectman and board chair Jeff Tarbox said Tuesday. 

    Longtime road commissioner Garry Cromwell resigned recently after selectmen asked for a plan for roadwork spending. He told Wiscasset Newspaper, voters approved the roads budget, and he was not going to do something now the new board was asking for that he had not been doing all along. He was in the first year of his latest three-year term when he resigned.

    In an email to reporters Monday night, Tarbox said the board came out of the planned executive session on the matter “and made the decision that we have selected a candidate for ... road commissioner, to serve until the next town meeting, but will need to confer with that candidate to make sure they are still interested ... If they are ... we will proceed with that appointment.”

    Tarbox said in a phone interview Tuesday morning, he had just gotten off the phone with Jim Cromwell, who accepted the appointment.

    Also Monday, the board announced plans to set up a firewood donation program; the firewood can be collected, stored and seasoned “for those who might need that fuel source,” Tarbox wrote in the email. At first the firewood would be placed at Selectman Donna Curry’s property, “but we will look at using an area next to the salt and sand shed to store the firewood. It can be collected by volunteers off island properties where there is thinning of trees, or blowdowns from storms,” Tarbox wrote.

    In Tuesday’s interview, he had nothing to announce yet on how people can seek to donate or receive firewood through the program.