Westport Volunteer Fire Department seeks opinions

Posted:  Tuesday, October 24, 2017 - 1:15pm

Easing into retirement can be difficult for aging workers and the same is apparently true for aging fire engines. In a letter to Westport residents, Fire Chief Robert Mooney is asking for suggestions about the fate of Engine #1, “the first firefighting vehicle the WVFD purchased as brand new.  It was ordered and built in 1963 ...”

It needs $1,400 in repairs to get an inspection sticker. According to the chief, the truck has not been able to be used in firefighting for years and is displayed during parades.

There is not enough space in the firehouse for it and attempts to find someone willing to store it on the island have been unsuccessful. Although the equipment is significant to the island’s history, museums that house fire engines typically want trucks manufactured prior to 1940 “or those with significant historic pedigree,” according to Mooney.

The chief’s letter was discussed at Monday’s selectmen’s meeting. Selectman George Richardson gave a brief summary of the truck’s purchase, saying funds were donated to the department for it. Selectman Ross Norton wondered if the 500-gallon per minute pump could still be used to pump water from ponds during a fire.

According to Mooney’s letter, someone interested in possible limited use of the truck on fires has contacted the department The final decision about Engine #1’s fate will be made by the department’s board of directors. Before a decision is made, the chief is asking residents for their opinions. Residents can e-mail WVFD.MAINE@gmail.com