From the assistant editor

Will you turn out?

Wed, 05/24/2023 - 8:45am

We have been pleasingly swamped with letters to the editor supporting local candidates. Does this portend a strong turnout June 13? We shall see, but either way, it has been wonderful to see so much interest among residents. Westport Island and Wiscasset ballots include political newcomers, incumbents and would-be returnees after a break from a board. The contests are interesting, important and at least one more “i” word: Imminent.

So, vote absentee or at the polls on the big day, whether the draw is those contests; the joy and value of our democracy; other ballot questions, in Wiscasset’s case; or a mix of all the reasons. Best part: You don’t need a reason! How about, just because.

Get a letter, up to 350 words, into us at by 4 p.m. this Friday, May 26 for it to be considered for publishing. And if you did not catch last week’s questionnaires that candidates in contests completed about why they are running and more, you can also still find them at

Week’s positive parting thought: Together, Wiscasset’s and Westport Island’s names have all the letters needed to spell “elections” without having to re-use any. It is a sign you should vote.