Windjammer Days 2014 safe in hand under new leadership

Thu, 01/30/2014 - 5:30pm

    The Friends of Windjammer Days are making plans for this year's festival to be held June 22 through 28. In November 2013, the Boothbay Harbor Region Chamber of Commerce board of directors voted to remove the festival from the Chamber's annual events.

    To keep the time-honored tradition of the Boothbay region afloat, a new group was formed, The Friends of Windjammer Days. The Friends of Windjammer Days are a group of volunteers who have come together to continue the tradition of Windjammer Days in Boothbay Harbor. They have committed to maintaining the heritage of this maritime event to enhance the Boothbay Region community and the experience of maritime Maine.

    “Windjammer Days is the largest festival in our region,” Parade committee member Heather O'Brien said. “And 100 percent a true community event.”

    Any questions about the event and/or to join the Friends should be directed to Event Coordinator Dianne Gimbel at 207-504-0242. The Friends' board of directors is comprised of five individuals: Mark Gimbel, Andy Luke, Capt. Peter Ripley, Bill Logan and Dianne Gimbel.

    The Friends are currently awaiting its 501-C3 nonprofit status, required by the Chamber. The Friends collectively decided to take the expedited route through its attorney and board member,Logan. Its articles of incorporation were filed on Jan. 13.

    Ripley has received confirmation from eight windjammer captains for 2014 and is working on others.

    A website for the festival is being created by Atomic Studios of Boothbay Harbor. For all things Windjammer Days you will be able to go to:, which will be the official site for the festival.

    The following are sub-committee chairs for each event: Mark Gimbel, sponsorship; Dianne Gimbel, website and information center advertising; Pete Ripley, windjammer captains' liasion; Paul Johnson, entertainment; Ralph Smith, food; Stephanie Hawke and Dan Bryer, parade; Janet Brennan and Trish Warren; Artist's Alley/KidFest; Kris Ward, Waterfront park; Doug Goldhirsch and Bruce White, Antique Boat Parade; Andrew Morley, new events; Lori Pecor, logistics coordinator.