Friends of Windjammer Days

Windjammer Days Festival dates through 2020 announced

Mon, 10/27/2014 - 12:00am

    The Friends of Windjammer Days have confirmed the popular spring festival’s dates through the year 2020.

    Capt. Pete Ripley released the dates on behalf of the nonprofit group as follows:

    Next year, the 53rd annual event: June 21-27 (Tuesday, June 23 through Wednesday, June 24)

    2016: 54th annual: June 26-July 2 (Tuesday, June 28 through Wednesday, June 29)

    2017: 55th annual: June 25-July 1 (Tuesday, June 27 through Wednesday, June 28)

    2018: 56th annual: June 24-June 30 (Tuesday, June 26 through Wednesday, June 27)

    2019: 57th annual: June 23-29 (Tuesday, June 25 through Wednesday, June 26)

    2020: 58th annual: June 21-28 (Tuesday, June 23 through Wednesday, June 24)

    The dates in parentheses are when the major events take place.

    Stay up to date on festival happenings by visiting the official Windjammer Days Festival website at