From the assistant editor

Wintertime reminder

Wed, 03/01/2023 - 8:45am

If I had been one of the women driving lost for days around Maine’s borders and rural Maine last week, I would probably not feel like going anywhere again for a while, or at least not doing the driving.

I am terrible at travel directions and extremely dislike being lost. Great work, searchers, and for finding them miraculously alive. This was worth cheering over on a cold winter day.

It also give us all pause to brush up on preparedness for wintertime road trips. has tips for this, including tire checks, what to bring along and more.

Week’s positive parting thought: Speaking of winter travel, hats off to area plow crews who have been making the roads as safe as possible in and after storms. There have been quite a few of late. Hopefully, this will not be one of those winters that linger into April.