Wiscasset Early Bird shoppers find refuge from Nicole remnants

Mon, 11/14/2022 - 8:45am

    Neither the winds nor the occasional rain from Hurricane Nicole’s remnants stopped the Wiscasset Early Riser, aka Early Bird, sale Nov. 12. According to shop owners reached Nov. 13, shoppers still showed Saturday and, when the weather was worse, stayed a little longer.

    In a phone interview, Erika Soule, owner of Rock Paper Scissors, 68 Main St., said of the sale, “It was pretty good! It was busy, pretty steady all day long, because we did the sale all day, which seems to be what (stores are) doing now, which I prefer, because I’m not an early bird,” she said, laughing. “There got to be a heavy rain somewhere in the middle, but people just kind of hung out in here until it let up, and then they went on.” The skies cleared, making the rest of the day pretty nice out, she added. 

    Responding to questions via email, Stacy Linehan, owner of Treats, 80 Main St., said no one shopping there wore pajamas, “But it was a good turnout.” What was selling? “We usually feed the early birds so of course pastry and coffee, but for items that were on deal we sold quite a bit of wine, cheese and pantry staples!”

    Other participants included Ames True Value Supply, Sarah’s Cafe, In The Clover, BIRCH and Moulinette. And J. Edward Knight Insurance and Marsha DeCosta from Tim Dunham Realty supported the event.