Wiscasset Early Bird: Two Margots, some chai and ‘the uniform’

Sun, 11/10/2019 - 8:00am

Leaves lay frozen in a puddle off Middle Street and National Weather Service said it was 18F at Wiscasset Municipal Airport, but the wind was down and the sun was lighting more and more of Main Street for Wiscasset’s Early Bird Saturday morning.

“It’s a beautiful day,” Moulinette owner Margot Sullivan declared with a smile inside 60 Main St. She and other business owners interviewed were pleased with turnout and not surprised the cold did not deter shoppers. Sullivan has opened for every Early Bird since she opened the shop five years ago. It makes a fun day and everybody’s happy, she said.

Over a chai she was enjoying at Mammy’s Bakery, 100 Main St., Wiscasset’s Ann Scanlan said even a blizzard wouldn't have kept her away. “Are you kidding? Stop me from getting a pair of earrings at Rock Paper Scissors?”

Kathi Coombs of Bath said Early Bird was awesome, wonderful and one other thing: “Amazing.” She showed Wiscasset Newspaper the “cutest ever” toy stuffed duck she got for a grandchild.

Bremen’s Suzanne Goldenson also found gifts for family members; and at DebraElizabeth’s, 78 Main St., a poncho. “A gift for me,” she said smiling. Wiscasset Newspaper found Edgecomb’s Margot Stiassni-Sieracki shopping in the Early Bird spirit in a bathrobe at DebraElizabeths. “That’s what you’re supposed to wear. That’s the uniform.”

Stiassni-Sieracki confirmed she was getting some good buys that morning. “But the main thing is just being here. It’s just fun getting up, and meeting your girlfriends, finding some treats for yourself and others, and Wiscasset is such a great place to shop.”

Greta Righter didn’t know Early Bird was going on until the Wiscasset woman took her golden retriever Molly, 6, for a walk and saw a bunch of people downtown. “I was wondering why were all these other people out here this early.” Then she said she saw the lights on at stores and realized “something special’s going on.”

Wiscasset Early Bird regular Kristen Whitmore was shopping her first one as an Edgecomb resident. She wouldn’t miss it, the former Wiscasset woman said.