Wiscasset school committee candidate Elizabeth Kyle

Thu, 05/23/2024 - 10:15am

    Occupation: semi-retired; retired Science educator

    Education: BS Elementary Education; Masters in Education, specializing in Literacy

    Political history (Boards and Committees): Board of Trustees at the Wiscasset Public Library; Board of Directors at Wiscasset Garden Club; Chamber of Commerce

    Clubs & Organizations: Female Charitable Society of Wiscasset; volunteer at the Wiscasset Pubic Library Children’s Room; Garden
    Club of Wiscasset; Wiscasset Schoonerfest; volunteer at Wiscasset Elementary School; volunteer at St. Phillips Food Pantry

    Considering the office you are running for, what do you feel are the three most pressing issues (350 words or less): We are a small district with a small student population struggling during a teacher shortage. My experience at WES tells me we have an excellent group of teachers. I saw first hand that our biggest challenge is building community to involve all parties ... students, parents, teachers, administrators and even the School Board. We want to foster a place at the table so that everyone has a voice ... a civil voice that is. The other issue is standards. Arriving in Wiscasset, after teaching for more than 20 years in Massachusetts, I believe that we can not only meet students where they are, but where they need to be to be successful.

    Any other thoughts on why you are running or what you can bring to the office? 150 words or less: (None submitted)