‘You couldn’t help but like him’: Wiscasset remembers George L. Green

Fri, 11/08/2019 - 8:45am

When Judy Flanagan would run into George L. Green at Shaw’s or Green’s Route 1 business North of the Border, the two would have long talks about politics, some national, but mostly local, she said Nov. 7. “We had some good yacks.”

Green died Nov. 3, at 89.

Two nights later, selectmen voted to have their adjournment be in memory of Green and another longtime resident, Joanne Farmer, Selectman Ben Rines Jr. said. Reflecting on Green in a phone interview Nov. 7, Rines said Green would show up to public meetings and speak so down to earth, “You couldn’t help but listen, and you couldn’t help but like him.”

He was a gentleman, former Wiscasset town manager Marian Anderson said. In a phone interview Nov. 7, the Houlton town manager recalled Green’s regular stops into the Wiscasset municipal building to talk with her and other staff. “He made the rounds,” Anderson said. She said he gave her his opinions on the latest selectmen’s meetings and would talk to then-Code Enforcement Officer Stan Waltz about whatever new permits were being issued.

According to Anderson and others interviewed and Wiscasset Newspaper files, Green was interested in Wiscasset, his home since the 1970s, and wanted it to succeed.

Said Anderson Nov. 7,  “The town has lost someone who personally and professionally was invested in Wiscasset.”

Past selectman and budget committee member Bob Blagden knew him before Green opened his Wiscasset business. Blagden recalled clearing wood from the lot for Green, to make room for the buildings.

Over the years at town and board meetings, Green had interesting things to say and wasn’t afraid to, Blagden said Nov. 8.  “He always offered a different perspective” for the town to consider, Blagden said. “And he was never intimidated speaking to authority.” 

“He didn’t mince words. And he knew what he was talking about,” former selectman Flanagan said. “He was really interested in what was going on in the community.” Green was unique, and a good addition to the town, she said.

Flanagan added: “George was a character. He was a good character of the town.”