UPDATE: Police standoff in Boothbay Harbor, man in custody

Wed, 05/15/2019 - 1:15pm

UPDATE: A standoff at 31 Oak St. came to a head around 1:15 p.m. as Boothbay Harbor officers and Lincoln County deputies safely apprehended Konstantinos Rigas, 31, of Boothbay Harbor.
“I'm still sorting things out myself,” Boothbay Harbor Police Chief Bob Hasch said an hour after Rigas was booked. “Multiple charges will be forthcoming.”

Hasch said the initial call was from a passerby who heard shouting coming from inside the house. When Sgt. Pat Higgins arrived, there was a woman barricaded in the second floor bathroom. More officers arrived from Boothbay Harbor Police Department and Lincoln County Sheriff's Office including the Harbor’s reserve officer Nick Upham who brought a ladder for the hostage.

“(She) wanted to jump out the window,” said Hasch. “Nick Upham brought a ladder so she could climb down safely because she would have broken some bones.”

Officers and deputies surrounded the house as Upham kept his rifle trained to the ground, occasionally raising it at the sight of Rigas who periodically confronted the authorities from a second floor window above the front porch.

Naked through most of the incident, banging on walls and windows and screaming out threats, Rigas had eyes on Upham who kept him talking when he appeared at the windows. Rigas was particularly not fond of Upham's hat and told him where he could put it.

“I'm gonna get that hat,” Rigas said at one point.

“Kostas, come on out. Come on out, man,” Upham said.

“Take a (expletive) shot,” said Rigas.

According to Lincoln County records, Rigas finished a year of probation in March – five days in jail after 364 days suspended – for domestic violence assault and criminal mischief. In 2015, Rigas was convicted of OUI. Two months later, he plead guilty to harassment by telephone. Rigas’ first conviction was in November 2012 for assault which was pled down from domestic violence assault.

After about two hours, the standoff ended and officers emerged from the house with a semi-clothed Rigas who refused to be put in the back of a Boothbay Harbor Police cruiser.
Said Hasch, “He was very obviously extremely upset … It was tense.”

Higgins had been the first to respond to the call. He made the arrest.

Authorities then reopened Oak Street.

Original post:

Boothbay Harbor police and Lincoln County deputies have been at the scene of a standoff at 31 Oak St., Boothbay Harbor since just before noon today. Details will be forthcoming.

Oak Street has been shut down for traffic, and Boothbay Harbor Fire Department personnel have been called in for traffic control.