May property transfers

Wed, 06/12/2019 - 7:15am

The Lincoln County Registry of Deeds provided the following information on property transfers recorded in May:

Alna: Fairservice, Carolyn A., P R, and Jewett, Louise D. Est. to Fairservice, Carolyn A; Robitaille, Raymond A. and Robitaille, Linda C. to Shipman, Georgia Kim and Shipman, John L.; Teel, Allan S., P R. and Teel, Allan H. Est to Heintz, Kate.

Boothbay: Jacobson, Judith Treat Tr., Judith Treat Jacobson Revocable Living Trust and Jacobson, Judith Treat Revocable Living Trust to Jacobson, Judith Treat; PGC5 LLC and PGC7 LLC to RWG Properties LLC; DDC Corporation to Watts, Jill; Clark, Cameron W. to Watts, Todd; Burow, Sandra B. and Burow, Michael B. to Leavitt, Denise L.; Chapman, Bradley D., Chapman, David and Chapman, Bradley David to Chapman, Bradley D. and Arsenault, Stephen; Rothaug, Stephen T., Rothaug, Stephen and Rothaug, Deborah J. to Uchaev, Evgeny; Iannicelli, Constance A. and Iannicelli, Anthony to Locke, Robert J. and Locke, Lorilee J.; Locke, Robert J. and Locke, Lorilee J. to Locke, Robert J. Tr., Locke, Lorilee J. Tr. and Locke Revocable Trust; Oakes, Jane G. Tr., Hazen L. Oakes Living Trust and Oakes, Hazen L. Living Trust to Tkd Holdings LLC; Perkins, Richard W. to TKD Holdings LLC; Frields, Thomas L. and Lloyd, Susan E. to Demers, Thomas Francis Basanese; Liljegren, James A. and Liljegren, Theresa to Liljegren, Theresa; Liljegren, James A. and Liljegren, Theresa to Liljegren, James A. and Liljegren, Theresa; Shubert, E. Carolyn to Patronek, Gary J. and Donlavey, Joseph F.; Tucker, Chelsea to Rego, Eric Daniel and Rego, Ashton Anne; Thornton, Mary Elizabeth to Branam, Catherine Marie and Branam, Stephen Douglas; Edwards, Shelby to Hardwick, Jason A.; Goodrich, Robert R. to Goodrich, Susan N.; Peters, Julia F. to Peters, Bryan D.; Cappiello, Louis A. and Cappiello, Constance to Lea, Karen.

Boothbay Harbor: Bush, Porter D. Tr., Barbara S. Bush Living Trust and Bush, Barbara S. Living Trust to Bush, Porter D.; Bouchard, Matthew A., Bouchard, Megan A. and Wiley, Megan A. to Brogdon, Daniel F. and Burt, Brenda A.; Carver, Dolores M. Tr. and Harmony Farm Realty Trust to Warren, Mark D.; Durfee, Joyce L. to Durfee, Lawrence; Bush, Porter D. to Porter D. Bush Western Avenue Trust and Bush, Porter D. Western Avenue Trust; John E. St. John Living Trust, St. John, John E. Living Trust, St. John, Gerna Hewitt Tr., Gerna Hewitt St. John Living Trust and St. John, Gerna Hewitt Living Trust to St. John, Gerna Hewitt; Dunculus Inc to Ananian, Joseph V.; U S Bank National Association Tr. and Bear Stearns Asset Backed Securities I Trust 2005-AC4 Asset Backed Certificates to Healy, Maurice J. and Healy, Valerie; C & D Housing Solutions LLC to PGC7 LLC; MTGLQ Investors LP and Achorn, Alva D. to MTGLQ Investors LP; McNutt, Janice L. to McNutt, John Daniel; Sherman, Norman P. and Needham, Beverly M. to Hylton, Harolyn A. and St. George, Joseph W.; Carlisle, George Langley and Carlisle, Joanne Thorp to Russell,  Laura A.; Von Teuber, Brenda R. and Von Teuber, Brenda to Von Teuber, Brenda R. Tr., Von Teuber, Anthony and Brenda Family Trust and Anthony and Brenda Von Teuber Family Trust; Gilchrist, Barrett L. and Gilchrist, Deborah S. to Gilchrist, Barrett L. Tr., Gilchrist, Deborah S. Tr. and Gilchrist, Family 2017 Trust;  Gilchrist, Barrett L. and Gilchrist, Deborah S. Tr. to Gilchrist, Barrett L. Tr., Gilchrist, Deborah S. Tr. and Gilchrist, Family 2017 Trust; Oceancliff LLC to Alberding, Jessie A. Tr., Alberding, Paul N. Tr., Jessie A. Alberding Revocable Trust and Alberding, Jessie A. Revocable Trust; Hatch, Alice B. to Slingerland, Marcia; Scott, Linda M. to Vieira, Antonio J. and Vieira, Maria E.

Dresden: Hussey, Nathaniel D., P R, and James, Bertha C. Est. to Fairservice, Robin J. and Crocker, Paula J.; Reed, Allen E., Reed, Jeramey A. and Reed, Dalton R. to Barker, Seth L. and Barker, Martha M.

Edgecomb: Sawyer, Charles R. and Sawyer, Chattye B. to Bryan, Richard G. Jr. and Bryan, Helen W.; Crawford, Edward Eric P R and Crawford, James W. Jr. Est. to Crawford, Edward Eric P R and Crawford, Karin M. Est.; Larson, Jarryl A. to Kennebec Traders LLC; Buck, Lynn E. to Buck, Michael F.; Wood, Jonathan F. Tr. and Cross Point Trust to Langdon, Darby Tr., Langdon, Darby Revocable Trust and Darby Langdon Revocable Trust; Nania, Carolyn S. and Hess, Carolyn S. to Munson, McGee Jacob H., McGee, Janelle Munson, McGee, Jacob H. Munson and Munson, McGee Janelle.

Southport: Hill, David M. to Hill Irrevocable Trust; PGC6 LLC to Brower, Barrington Darby Tr., Brower, Jennifer C. Tr. and Cat Ledges Overlook Trust; Herger, John F., Herger, Alexandra Almy and Herger, Alexandra A. to Herger, John F. and Herger, Alexandra Almy; Bickerstaff, Mary A. to Bickerstaff, Mary A. and Moler, Morgan B.; Cusano, Janet R. and Cusano, Oliver J. to Marshall, Guy C.; Bugbee, Kathryn M. Tr., Kathryn M. Bugbee Qualified Personal Residence Trust and Bugbee, Kathryn M. Qualified Personal Residence Trust to Bugbee, Douglas C. and Larsen, Sandra Bugbee;  Bugbee, Douglas C. and Larsen, Sandra Bugbee to Bugbee Kathryn M.

Westport Island: Cooney, Jill A. and Cooney, William T. to Kiley, Erin E.; Vesel, John E. and Vesel, Judith H. to Kiley, Erin E. and Baldwin, Nathaniel K.; Bank Of New York Mellon Tr., Bank Of New York Tr. and CWABS Inc Asset Backed Certificates Series 2007-5 to Frosty's Re LLC; Davis, Catherine Eaton, Davis, James Frost, Massey, David Holt, Massey, George Warren and Massey, Josephine Ball to Hockomock Bay LLC; Behringer, Scott T. and Behringer, Jill R. to Nelson, Eric R. and Nelson, Annamarie K.

Wiscasset: Wiscasset, Inhab of to West, Dion B. and West, Dion; Wiscasset, Inhab of to Widmer, Stephen and Widmer, Stephen K.; Wiscasset, Inhab of to Schaffer, Debra; Wiscasset, Inhab of to Wyman, Charles H. and Wyman, Barbara; Wiscasset, Inhab of to Flood, Anna; Wiscasset, Inhab of to James, Kevin; Wiscasset, Inhab of to Keith, Holly; Wiscasset, Inhab of to Abbott, James and Dow, Judith; Brewer, Allen Richard to Reed, Jody S. and Reed, Jodi Rae; Worster, Craig to Smith, Karen B.; Grover, Nicholas R. to Budrow, June; Ishak, Grace and Ishak, Paul to Ishak, Grace; Ship's Chow Hall LLC to Wiscasset Bath BTS Retail LLC; Hergenroeder, Mark G. and Hergenroeder, Stephanie M. to Hergenroeder, Mark G. Tr., Hergenroeder, Stephanie M. Tr., Mark and Stephanie Hergenroeder Living Trust and Hergenroeder, Mark and Stephanie Living Trust.