Cozy’s Dockside now open

Southport Island restaurant pays homage to Gus Pratt’s “Alley”
Tue, 06/18/2019 - 10:00am

Gus Pratt's restaurant, the "Alley," now in the hands of Linekin Bay Holdings, will rise again like a phoenix to become Cozy's Dockside,  a Southport Island restaurant with a sensational view. As before, the restaurant perched on the shore of Cozy Harbor promises to be a draw for people to meet and while away the time with some good food and conversation, surrounded by a few remnants of the "Alley" as reminders of times gone by. 

According to Selectman Mary Lou Koskela, when Pratt’s place was put on the market in 2008, the people of Southport wisely voted to buy it to insure the continuation of their working waterfront and to govern how the property, which encompasses a town wharf, would be used. 

In its first renovation since being the "Alley," it was converted into a carefully thought out restaurant called Oliver's. Much of the original structure had to be rebuilt but the wood from the namesake bowling alleys at Pratt's was used to construct the dining tables’ tops and the top of the counter separating the bar from the dining room. Some of the candlepins from the alleys were used as embellishment and some of the balls to top off the balusters of the hand rail for the stairs to the second floor deck.

Scott Larson, a partner speaking on behalf of Linekin Bay Holdings, said, “We hadn't considered opening another restaurant but Alyssa Allen, vice president of sales, Midcoast Hospitality Group, said, ‘Are you kidding me? That place is awesome! We've got to do something with it.’ Then she took me there for a closer look at the incredible view and I was convinced.  As soon as I mentioned the possibility to the rest of the partners they were onboard.”

The idea is to have a more casual atmosphere with a simpler menu like what you'd expect back when it was still Pratt's. Offerings will include burgers and hot dogs, lobster rolls, signature sandwiches such as the Fluffernutter or the Ricky Bobby, a few other favorites, plus root beer floats, milkshakes, beer and wine. Blueberry pie will be a dessert staple.

Larson added, “If anyone can tell us what goes into Pratt's original Gleester sandwich, the chef will make one for him!” (Hint: The answer can be found at the Southport Historical Society where more Alley artifacts are on display.)

Cozy's Dockside at 36 Cozy Harbor Road is open from 11:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily, through Labor Day. Call (207) 350-6190 for more information  or to arrange private events.