Wiscasset passes budgets, elects Martin-Savage, Slack

Wed, 06/12/2019 - 3:15am

Katharine Martin-Savage will return to the Wiscasset select board, joined by former selectman Jeff Slack.

Martin-Savage’s vote count was 320; Slack’s, 261 votes,  and Kim Dolce’s 195 votes.

At 5 p.m. Thursday, June 13 at the town office, winners will be sworn in and officers will be elected.

School Committee members Michael Dunn, with 292 votes, and Jason Putnam, with 394, were re-elected.

The three-year Budget Committee race was for three open seats, but only one name was on the ballot, that of William Maloney, who received 321 votes. Bob Blagden was written in for 19 votes, and Judy Flanagan was written in for three votes.

In the two-year Budget Committee race, with three open seats, David Flynn received 307 votes. Blagden was written in for five votes, while Flanagan was written in for two.

The one-year Budget Committee race, with one open seat, had no one on the ballot. Blagden was written in for four votes.

For Wiscasset Water District Trustees, two seats were open. Dean Shea received 355 votes and Gregg Wood was written in for eight votes.

Four hundred forty voters cast ballots. Election Warden Susan Blagden said she would not give out the blanks figures.

The school budget passed, 258-169.

The Chewonki Campground sewer easement, part of the Wiscasset  Municipal Airport avigation agreement, passed 394-58.

For the municipal budget, all revenue and budget items passed. Question 1, the estimated revenue question, -passed,  353-51; Question 2, Town Office Administration/Operations, passed 326 – 104; Question 3, Airport, passed 256-176; Question 4, Animal Control, passed 355-95; Question 5, Assessment, passed 325-107; Question 6, Municipal Boards and Committees, passed 323-108; Question 7, Celebrations, passed 301-80; Question 8, Cemeteries, passed 354-80; Question 9, Town Clerk/Excise Tax Collector/Registrar, passed 326-106; Question 10, Code Enforcement, passed 327-106; Question 11, Comprehensive Plan update, passed 270-155; Question 12, Contingency, passed 292-131; Question 13, Contractual Services, passed 279-136; Question 14, Elections, passed 312-112; Question 15, EMS Services, passed 281-141.

Question  16, Finance/Tax Collector, passed 278-143; Question 17, Fire Department, passed 379-48; Question 18,  General Assistance, passed 305-116; Question 19, Municipal Building Maintenance/Operations, passed 332-90; Question 20, Municipal  Insurances, passed 345-76; Question 21, Health Insurance Reserve Account, passed 327-96; Question 22, Parks and Recreation, passed 264-168; Question 23, Planning and Economic Development, passed 301-130; Question 24, Police Department, passed 269-164; Question 25, School Resource Officer, passed 230-199; Question 26, Public Utilities, passed 355-76; Question 27, Public Works, passed 324-107; Question 28, Office of the Selectmen, passed 286-142; Question 29, Senior Center, passed 347-83; Question 30, Shellfish Conservation, passed 314-116.

Question 31, Transfer Station, passed 344-87; Question 32, Enterprise Fund for the Wastewater Treatment Plant, passed 349- 77; Question 33, Waterfront and Harbors, passed 343-86; Question 34, Public Library, passed 302-124; Question 35, Healthy Kids, passed 294-129; Question 36, New Hope for Women, passed 282-141; Question 37, Food Pantries, passed 301-121; Question 38, American Legion Flag Project, passed 384-77; Question 39, Fire and EMS radios, passed 338-90; Question 40, Parks and Recreation HVAC Engineering, passed 286-137; Question 41, Parks and Recreation lockers, passed 232-192; Question 42, Parks and Recreation lawn mower, passed 283-142; Question 43, Municipal Building floor rehabilitation, passed 265-165; Question 44, Public Works paving projects, passed; Question 45, Backhoe lease, passed 353-78.

Question 46, Municipal pier debt, passed 370-64; Question 47, Capital reserve funds for tax relief, passed 351-82; Question 48, unexpended balance of capital improvement funds for tax relief, passed 355-76; Question 49, Debt Service, passed 323-98; Question 50, dates set for tax payments, passed 371-58; Question 51, Tax Club, passed 377-56; Question 52, rate set for interest on tax overpayments and to give selectmen certain powers without public referendum, passed 339-70; Question 53, to give selectmen powers to carry unexpended balances and authorize them to reduce property tax, passed 317- 92; Question 54, to appropriate monies received from the state for snowmobile registration to maintain trails, passed 325-87.