Special delivery: RR cars arrive in Alna

Wed, 07/24/2019 - 7:30am

On July 16, Wiscasset, Waterville and Farmington Railway received a special delivery: two railway cars as part of an exciting partnership with Maine Narrow Gauge Railroad Company and Museum of Portland.

The second car to arrive was Sandy River and Rangeley Lakes’ “Rangeley,” the only two-foot gauge parlor car built for a U.S. railroad. “Rangeley” was built mainly to carry resort-goers. Passengers traveling from distant cities would change trains at Farmington to ride the narrow gauge to reach the resort at Rangeley Lake. The parlor car service allowed passengers traveling in first class to travel in the style they were accustomed to on the last leg of their journey.

The move was historic in many respects, but especially because it was the first time WW&F locomotive 9 (former Sandy River and Rangeley Lake 6) had shared the same rails in 95 years. To celebrate, locomotive 9 was in operation to help unload the car. A small group of well wishers and railway enthusiasts gathered.

The partnership between the Alna museum and Maine Narrow Gauge will guarantee display and preservation for historic railway cars from Maine’s narrow gauge railway network and allow select pieces of equipment to operate on WW&F Railway. Visitors can look forward to the arrival of more  pieces of historic equipment throughout the summer and the construction of a new display building.