Press release

Maine Women for Trump hold luncheon

Mon, 09/16/2019 - 10:15am

Sixty women from seven different counties gathered at the Montsweag Restaurant in Woolwich on Sept. 12 to hear about voter registration procedures and more positive results from the policies of the Trump administration. Kiera Wainer, director of the Republican Women’s Engagement Coalition in Washington, D.C., brought a PowerPoint presentation which highlighted the factual data and statistics that confirm successful results for women in the workforce, higher pay scales, options for child care, child tax credits and the elimination of the individual mandate which penalized them if they did not select an option under Obamacare. Wainer’s message also included information about the Trump administration’s programs for women in developing countries, spear-headed by Ivanka Trump. These programs provide training and education which support women entrepreneurs to build their own businesses and at the same time, help improve their countries’ economies and requiring less aid from foreign governments.

Other guests who spoke to women’s issues, as well as an overview of Maine public policy, included The Honorable Heather Sirocki of Scarborough, The Honorable Paula Sutton of Warren, Representative Heidi Sampson of Alfred and Representative Sue Austin of Gray. Elizabeth Printy, chair of the event, gave an inclusive recap of all the accomplishments of the Trump administration over the past two and a half years, pointing out a strong economy, more jobs in all sectors and the return of many manufacturing businesses to the U.S. She highlighted the appointment of Supreme Court justices, the completion of “Promises Made/Promises Kept” and the commitment of the president to “God and Country,” our Constitution and our veterans’ needs; also, the rights of our unborn citizens and the laws that allow Americans to be safe and prosperous.

The mission of Maine Women for Trump is to spread the message of dynamic, credible programs and policies that have been successfully developed by the Trump administration to aid and support all women in America. Those involved plan to participate in grassroots efforts in their own communities to fulfill the goal of helping to bring more voters to the polls in 2020. If you would like to join Maine Women for Trump, please email