Edgecomb may have new 100-seat restaurant

Wed, 09/25/2019 - 8:15am

If all goes as hoped, Edgecomb will have a new, 100-seat restaurant. Steve Stinson and wife Luanne asked the Edgecomb planning board Sept. 19 about the possibility of a restaurant on Route 1 between Peapod Jewelry and the Maine Department of Transportation facility.

The Stinsons live in Rockland and own Claws Restaurant, which has won numerous awards for its seafood. The couple told the board they envision a seasonal restaurant with picnic tables and a takeout menu. They hope to accommodate up to 100 diners, but are concerned about approval from the town.

The Stinsons are looking to buy the property, including 176 feet of frontage on Route 1 in the Gateway development district. Steve Simpson told the board Peapod owns the property, which would be conveyed to the Stinsons. Before completing the purchase, he wanted to know from the board if the area could be used for a restaurant. “I have 30 days to make a decision,” he said.

Stinson said Douglas Meservey of Waldoboro had done two site evaluations on the property. Although there is a building, the Stinsons are considering a new building set back from the road to allow room for parking. “Ideally, the new building will be 60 feet square,” Stinson said.

Board members informed the Stinsons, town ordinances call for one parking space for every two restaurant seats, so 50 parking spaces would be needed.  

“Is the lot viable for a business,” Stinson asked the board. “Yes, it is,” Jack French replied.

“Is the town open to having a restaurant there,” Stinson asked. A number of board members answered, “Yes.”

If the decision is made to buy the property, the Stinsons will need to submit a shoreland zoning application and a detailed plan providing seating and other information to the board.

Phippsburg resident Amanda Barnes also had questions about the possible use of an Edgecomb property. She is considering buying a five-acre lot and house on Cochran Road near Cahill Tire. Barnes said the house would serve as her residence and some of the property would become “luxury tent sites” for a seasonal business.

Barnes said she envisions luxurious furnishings in the tents to combine a luxurious hotel with nature. The facilities won’t require plumbing as she will provide outhouses and outdoor showers. The board members said they liked the idea of a “glamping” area in Edgecomb. Barnes will return to the board with plans.

Other business involved a proposed building replacement and porch at 95 Nichols Road. Bruce Hartford represented owners Phyllis Ellsworth and Richard Miller. The board approved the house and asked Hartford to return with plans for the porch.