Hannaford’s latest Help Yourself Shelf fundraiser

Tue, 09/28/2021 - 8:45am

St. Philip’s Help Yourself Shelf Food Pantry (Shelf) in Wiscasset is happy to be named Hannaford in Damariscotta’s recipient of Reusable Bags for Hunger initiative for October.  Throughout October, Hannaford will give $1 to the Shelf when shoppers buy one of these bags for $2.50, for the Shelf’s use buying pantry supplies.  While moving away from single use bags, shoppers will also be able to support easing hunger in the local population by buying these bags. One could also buy multiples of these bags and donate them to the Shelf, at St. Philip’s at 12 Hodge St., for use by its participants.

The Shelf is always thankful for donations for bulk buying of supplies through Good Shepherd Food Bank and local stores. Both Twin Village Foodbank Farm and the Veggies to Table projects furnish fresh produce that boosts the population’s nutrition intake. Without these provisions, the Shelf would not be able to furnish nearly as much.

As volunteers’ lives change and they have to cut back or delete time to help, the mission of the Shelf continues week after week. There are many ways to help from an hour to several hours, from one morning to three or four. When you go out of your way to help others, it makes you feel good about yourself, just like the Grinch whose heart grew several sizes in the Dr. Suess tale. To find out when and how you would like to take part in this all-volunteer effort, please call St. Philip’s Church at 882-7184, leaving a message and a return number. Or message us via www.helpyourselfshelf.wordpress.com

The Shelf is open each Thursday from 3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. Honoring COVID protocols, the pantry is currently held in the driveway. A basic box is provided, and plenty of opportunities for individual choices. Please check in with the person in the parking lot across the street, then wait your turn as only one car is allowed to enter the drive at a time. 

And remember the Hannaford Reusable Bags program to get sturdy reusable bags and to help us help others.