Wiscasset schools planning way ahead

Sun, 10/17/2021 - 8:45am


    This summer, selectmen briefly mulled having the voter-approved, selectmen-appointed, ad hoc, schools study committee craft a strategic plan for Wiscasset education. They dropped the idea as part of the committee’s charge, when Superintendent of Schools Terry Wood informed them, the school department was already working on one. Oct. 12, the plan went public.

    The plan’s stated vision is to prepare all students to be productive citizens; its mission, to educate them to “think critically, communicate effectively and serve locally and globally.”

    It’s a fluid document, Wood told the school committee; it will be updated and added to. The whole staff worked on it on workshop days, and it had student input, she said. The plan, emailed to Wiscasset Newspaper upon request, looks as far out as 2026; it includes draft goals with notes on possible steps including air conditioning in some classrooms, an elevator for Wiscasset Elementary School, a greenhouse, and heating rooms at the temperature each teacher wants. 

    Those ideas are all under the goal, “maintain and improve financial and operational systems.” Another draft goal is“staff development and support,” with ideas including better pay and recruiting at job fairs and by contacting colleges.

    Ideas under “student development and achievement” include having students get involved with the town, showing them careers and making sure content is relevant to their lives.

    “It really helps us understand for the future, bigger plans that we’re making. All our budget decisions, everything’s going to be based on what ... our Wiscasset (students’) ... qualities are and what they need to be successful in their careers (and) successful community members,” Wood told committee members. She asked them to “take some time to go through it” and see if they feel anything is missing or needs to be a higher priority. “Whatever you think.”

    Then she will share that feedback with administrators and the rest of the staff.