letter to the editor

Honest elections

Mon, 03/06/2023 - 3:45pm

    Dear Editor:

    When is it OK to cheat? It is an interesting mental exercise.

    In wars we deliberately seek to misinform, spread lies, spy, and wiretap our enemies. Most people would agree with those practices. Unfortunately, our political system has reached a point where some consider it like a war.

    There is the case of a Democratic candidate who has admitted to signing other people's names on official papers. He reportedly was joined by supporters and an article was written in praise of his “true grit.” There is a similar case of Republican malfeasance in another county.

    Cheating speaks to the moral character of an individual and should not be accepted as part of our election process. No one should want our government filled with people who think lying and cheating are a means to an end. Polling shows people want fair and honest elections. Both noted cases relate to clean election money. Our election laws are some of the weakest in the world. The Maine Clean Election laws lack signature verification. It should be changed to require comparing signatures to their voter registration card on file.

    Anyone caught cheating, regardless of party, should be punished in accordance with the law. Strong laws and appropriate punishment are the foundations to honest elections.

    Joe Grant