From the assistant editor

More good byes

Wed, 03/15/2023 - 8:45am

Thank you, outgoing (in June) Wiscasset Elementary School Principal Kathleen Pastore, for having been one of those administrators who makes our job easier by being accessible and forthcoming. That helps a lot whenever we hear about something readers either should hear about or should get the straight scoop on rather than just the school community rumors that pop up and spread on Facebook.

Interim Superintendent of Schools Robert “Bob” England Jr. has also been consistently accessible and forthcoming, someone who gets our goal to get the best, most complete information out there and in a timely manner. Could we just lop the “interim” off his title?

The school committee has made many a good hire, such as through the searches now underway for principals at both schools. So whoever is superintendent, odds are, will be a good choice. Same for the next principals.

It is too bad when good people move on, but they do, especially these days. Not as many lifers at businesses or even in lines of work. We are thankful for our great team at Wiscasset Newspaper/Boothbay Register. And if anything about reporting sounds interesting to you, and you have time on your hands, email We are looking for a news contributor.

Week’s positive parting thought: We have nearly outlasted you, yet again this year, winter. You will not break us!