From the editor

Calendars, crime and cooled down

Wed, 03/08/2023 - 9:00am

    Do you use a lot of calendars to keep track of your life? I find them very handy and, of course, necessary in assigning and keeping track of work schedules for reporters and news contributors. I have a personal calendar file on my laptop and my wife keeps the home front monthly calendar up to date. For work, I have a monthly calendar hanging beside my desk as well as an ongoing Word file for upcoming events and meetings. Sometimes it seems like I overdo it when writing down things to be done but I find it a good habit so I/we don’t miss anything important.

    Reading the Legion column this week was disturbing, but not surprising, as crime is in the news more and more, whether it is violent or not. Breaking into non-profit buildings, such as Legion halls, and stealing hard-earned money and other items makes one shake their head in disbelief. Nothing seems sacred when that happens.

    Last week’s column, where I ranted on about the snow storms … well, I cooled down and felt good about after completing the shoveling of parts of the driveway, my deck, my roof, etc. Not easy but once I got started, I didn’t want to stop. I just hope that Saturday’s storm is the last “big one” of the season. However, I was looking back this week at some photos from March of 1993 … No, I hope it doesn’t happen 30 years later...more snow in mid-March after a big storm (18 inches) in February.

    Have a great week and remember to turn your clocks ahead on Saturday night/Sunday morning to get an hour closer to spring!