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Sun, 05/14/2023 - 6:00am

Like most old, fat guys in this country, I have very definite views about what everything should be. And I find truth in New Hampshire's State Motto: "Live Free or Diet."

I've crossed the line between happy-go-lucky youngster to a curmudgeonly old pain in the buttocks. And I've come to accept that I'm probably starting to smell old. I say probably because everyone can smell the old-person smell except old people.

It's only a matter of time until I turn into that geezer who sits in their house right on the coast on a beautiful Maine Summer Day with all the windows shut and the heat going.

Any suggestion to open one or more of my windows to let My Old Person Stink out, or begging to turn the heat down to 85 will be met with severe passive-aggressiveness lasting 2-3 weeks.

Happy Shopping!

We used to sell a lot of these Thundershirts.

They worked well. They had a 100% money back guarantee, and they had a great backstory about an autistic woman inventing them. What was there to dislike?

Over the years, the distributor of Thundershirts has become harder to deal with. I don't mean they had problems cashing our checks. I mean they had trouble fulfilling our orders.

It turns out the company was consolidating their distribution so they can sell Thundershirts exclusively at the retail mark-up, still around $40 and eliminate wholesale.

But we still have a bunch of these left. And since we can't re-order them, we're letting them all go.

BIG IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT FOR PEOPLE THINKING OF BUYING A THUNDERSHIRT: Because we are no longer able to re-stock these, ALL SALES ARE FINAL. We will only replace your Thundershirt with another size IF we have it in stock. We cannot refund your purchase otherwise.

That's why we're selling them so cheap.

Make sure to read the Salty Paws next month for a recap of the venomous reviews and idiots demanding their money back from Newsletter Thundershirt purchases.

WAS $40 -- NOW $23.61
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