Boothbay Register/Wiscasset Newspaper

Meet Our Writers: Kevin Burnham, Editor

Mon, 09/11/2023 - 8:45am

I have been editor of the Boothbay Register since 1987 and it has been quite a ride! I joined the company as a reporter when Mary Brewer was editor and Marylouise Cowan was publisher. In late 1987, with a shift of job titles, I became editor and Mary became general manager. Mary was 25 years into her stint as editor and knew her job well. She taught me a lot in the 25 years we worked together before her retirement.

Growing up in Boothbay Harbor, I found the job to be a perfect fit as I knew the territory, the people, the businesses and more. My family’s lineage goes back generations so I knew the history of the region as well. I always wanted to be a writer and work for a publication, cursed(?) since eighth grade as my Dad would bring home newspapers and magazines for the family to read.

Even though I became editor, with the small staff, I also have done my share of reporting over the past three and a half decades – from the sad and involved stories to the triumphs of sports teams, individuals and groups. Thanks to the bevy of professional photographers who have submitted their material to the newspaper, I feel they have helped me hone that skill to award-winning status.  

I am glad we are still an independent newspaper and proud that my reporters have done a fine job of covering the region’s news and news makers. Our websites have become extremely popular, winning numerous first place awards in the annual Maine Press Association’s Better Newspaper Contest.

My job has changed over the past decade, with less writing and more delegating and editing, but my interest in writing about our region and its people has not waned.  

Should you need to contact me with a story idea, complaint, or to congratulate one of us at the Register or Wiscasset Newspaper, email me at or call my work phone at 207-844-4626.