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Mon, 08/28/2023 - 9:00am

I designed this T-shirt and showed it to hundreds of people. All of them thought it was, at the very least, worth a chuckle. Then I showed it to Liana and she hated it. That's when I knew I had a hit on my hands.

Liana said the T-shirt design should have something more than a flimsy jab at people "From Away." It should be educational. Perhaps it should have the Periodic Table of Elements. I went with her suggestion and she hated it even more.

Hahaha!!!!! The joke is on Liana! Liana hasn't been within a galactic parsec of something educational since "Dancing With The Stars" came out in 2007. Since that day she has been actively shutting down portions of her brain so it can accept other game shows like "Survivor," "The Apprentice," "The Amazing Race," and "The Punching of Toledo Snapping Turtles."

And WHY do I call them "game shows" instead of Reality TV? The shows have a series of contestants vying for a prize. And it's no more real than the invisible Pokemons Buddy was barking at before the vet said he was swimming in the deep waters of dementia.

And WHY are these things so expensive? Every single ding-dong one of them has two of our very expensive logos on them. You can't beat that price!

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