Wiscasset selectmen

‘Bricks have moved’: Board talks Wawenock progress, possible next step for town

Wormfest planning continues
Thu, 04/18/2024 - 8:45am

Bricks have been installed as far up as the second floor windows and granite pieces are going up at that level, Wawenock LLC spokesman Mark Robinson told Wiscasset Newspaper April 16. Robinson said according to a contractor, the improving weather has allowed the progress. “The work is ongoing and will continue until the job is completed,” the email stated.

Before reading aloud from a similar email that night, Selectboard Chair Sarah Whitfield, looking about the meeting room and raising her hands, said: “Bricks have moved.” The comment drew smiles and laughter. 

“They’re not trying to say June (completion) any more, are they,” Selectman Terry Heller said after Whitfield read the email. “No, but there’s actually bricks moved off the pallets,” Whitfield said, raising her hands again. “So hopefully that continues to progress.”

“Yay,” Selectman Pamela Dunning said.

Town Manager Dennis Simmons and selectmen and fellow residents have voiced frustration that the repairs to the Main Street building have taken since 2021 and been taking up sidewalk space. 

Town counsel, using the property maintenance ordinance, is drafting a letter warning Wawenock if it does not “take care of this,” the town will start a daily $100 fine, Simmons said April 16.

On a question from resident Susan Blagden, Simmons said: “If we do cite them ... it’ll take a judge to enforce that ...”

Wiscasset Newspaper asked Robinson for any comment on Simmons’ latest statements. Robinson commented via email: “The craftsmen were working yesterday (April 17), they will work today (April 18) and they will be working tomorrow (April 19). The work will continue until the job is finished."

Also April 16, Simmons read the board Maine Secretary of State Shenna Bellows’ letter of congratulations to Wiscasset’s Katharine Martin-Savage on her posthumous receipt of the Spirit of America award, for her many years of public service and volunteerism. Simmons said he will make sure Martin-Savage’s family gets the letter. 

The board nodded junkyard permit renewals for Robert Blagden, Grover Auto and Tire, Inc. and Norm’s Used Cars; and Railroad Avenue’s closure from Route One to the start of the parking lot, from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. Saturday, June 8 for Wormfest.

Making the closure request in a Wormfest tee shirt while standing with some of her fellow Wormfest organizers, also in the tee shirts, Whitfield said Wormfest will celebrate “a really unique part of our heritage as well as (a) current industry.” The group has heard a lot of positive feedback so far, including from diggers, “which is obviously a really important piece,” Whitfield added.

“I think it’s going to be a lot of fun,” Dunning said. On a question from Susan Blagden, Whitfield said the shirts can be found at wiscassetwormfest.com and at the event.