Wiscasset gets down to Earth (Day)!

Mon, 04/29/2024 - 8:45am

    In Wiscasset Community Center’s gym Saturday morning after her older siblings went for swim time, Abby Richards, 2, was in her father Ben Richards’ arms as the Topsham man spoke with Wiscasset Wastewater Treatment Plant Superintendent Rob Lalli. The table Lalli manned updated Wiscasset Earth Day attendees on the plant the town has been talking about moving for climate resilience.

    Lalli and Richards, a member of Wiscasset, Waterville & Farmington Railway Museum in Alna, got talking about the WW& F’s historic ties to Wiscasset’s waterfront. Lalli was also inviting residents’ thoughts on possible spots for the move, including the public works department or near Wiscasset Elementary School or Mason Station, an option Lalli said would cost the most due to distance.  

    The treatment plant has already had to combat flood waters, a topic Germaine to two federal agencies that turned out for the four-hour event. The Small Business Administration and Federal Emergency Management Agency each set up in the lobby to spread the word on disaster aid. For information, visit DisasterAssistance.gov, fema.gov/drc and sba.gov/disaster

    Wiscasset’s Climate Action Team planned Saturday’s event and hoped to make it an annual one. Hear from WCAT members and see more of the event in the video report.