Knox Lincoln County Beekeepers workshop May 18

Sat, 05/11/2024 - 8:15am

The Knox Lincoln County Beekeepers (KLCB) is pleased to announce a number of in-person presentations taking place at Lincoln Academy in the ATEC building this summer.  This a great opportunity to meet local beekeepers and learn more about the art and science of keeping bees healthy and productive.  You will have a more beautiful garden, as well as your neighbors’ gardens within a 2-mile radius of your hives.  Feel good about building a connection to nature and become more attuned to our changing climate, pesticide usage and natural habitat lose.  

Please join us on Saturday, May 18 for our first of four presentations this summer at Lincoln Academy from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. for Carolyn Nichols popular workshop, “Beekeepers CSI: Inspecting for Disease.” Bring your reading glasses and join us for an immersive, hands-on experience delving into the intricate world of forensic beekeeping. This workshop is tailored to provide a unique opportunity to sharpen your skills in order to identify pests and diseases that may plague your honey bee colonies. As you rotate through various learning stations your team will practice using diagnostic tools, observe subtle signs, and develop disease recognition skills. In addition, we will explore sustainable practices, hygiene routines, and integrated pest management strategies related to varroa mite management. Please bring something to write with. Carolyn Nichols is the Morse High School apiarist and is a nationally certified science teacher. She was awarded the Maine State Beekeeper of Year 2023. 

Please visit the KLCB website,, to register for this event and look over some of our other events taking place this summer and fall.  We are all part of nature and we should be taking care of it.  We look forward to seeing you on the 18th.