letter to the editor

Pet insurance saves money

Mon, 05/13/2024 - 4:00pm

Dear Editor:

I love animals, especially my cats. But unfortunately, pets such as cats and dogs aren't invincible. This year, my cat -Galaxy- was exploring outside in Boothbay, and received a large bite on his lower back. Our family brought him to the vet, and she started a procedure to heal this wound. First, she shaved his fur, and gave him stitches. Then he was given a cone on his head so he wouldn’t scratch the stitches open. The vet inserted a tube to drain fluid from the wound. I felt sad, and hoped that he was going to be OK. All in all my family had to pay $800.

Pet owners are responsible for their care, but sometimes people don't have enough money to pay for unexpected treatment and animals lose their lives. This is a problem because these pets have owners who care about them. I was quite surprised at how expensive veterinary bills can be. Fortunately  one possible solution to this problem is pet insurance. 

According to WagWalking, pet owners with insurance have been able to save between $2,780 and $16,500 (2022). With pet insurance people don't have to pay thousands of dollars. The bottom line is that pet insurance pays for a lot of the money that otherwise you or me would have to pay. If more pet-owners had it, then all the people would be paying and would make pet insurance less expensive and all of the pets were safe. It would make a great impact and people would feel better about their pet if something happened.

Thank you for listening to my opinion and please think about those pets.

Sy, A. (2022). Wag Walking. 5 Real Stories that Prove that Pet Insurance is Worth It. Retrieved from URL: https://wagwalking.com/wellness/5-real-stories-that-prove-pet-insurance-is-worth-it

Charlie Record, 5th grade student

The Center for Teaching and Learning, Edgecomb