Sunlight, Moonlight

Tue, 04/11/2017 - 2:00pm

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  • Andrea Goodman

    Thoughts and realizations of a spiritual nature, opening to the awareness of inner and outer light. 

    Seeing experience from a different perspective, turning it to catch the light.

    Reflections on living the life of a Priestess in Maine, illumined by love and suffering, Earth’s gifts, and Divine Guidance.


    ANDREA GOODMAN, owner of Ruby-Throated Spirit: Sanctuary, Voice Studio and Labyrinth, lives on Barter’s Island on the Boothbay Peninsula, since 1989. Coming from a New York City career as a pioneer of vocal music and innovative theater, she was ordained as a Priestess of the Ministry of Maat in 1998, and sees all her work, whether performing and teaching, counseling and healing, writing or composing, as priestess work. She offers voice instruction and vocal sound healing, creates original ceremonies for weddings and other life passages, gives readings of Mythic Astrology and Tarot, is a Reiki master, and has developed Cosmic Harmony, a group process of singing intuitively for the transmission of healing and visionary realizations.  She is the author of Lightning Holds My Hand, a Woman’s Journal of Guidance, written during a difficult time, recording words of wisdom and compassion she received intuitively. Ruby-Throated Labyrinth, planted with calming herbs, is open to the public for walking meditation.  For more about Andrea’s work: 

Sunlight, Moonlight, starlight, candle light, reflection, radiance, glow, glimmer, glimpse.

I am writing this on the Full Moon with last night’s image in my mind’s eye of moonlight bathing the river and the intense white disc visiting each window, all night long. Right beside the Moon was Jupiter also at its brightest, both directly reflecting the Sun. We live between sources of light and their reflections; we ourselves are sources of light, reflecting to each other who we are. We shine and we mirror each other’s glow. The Sun is a star. In our shining, we are stars, suns. In our mirroring we are moons and planets, revolving around each other, responding, answering, accommodating, facilitating.

At this time of year the Sun is in Aries, fiery and bold, thrusting, asserting itself into Spring, leaping forward out of a long hibernation. The Moon, opposite the Sun when it is full, is in Libra, an air sign carrying symbolism of balance, harmony, relationship and beauty. Fire needs air to burn. The Moon as reflection balances the fierce daylight with soft beauty. The Moon creates relationship. We are both. We assert our identities, claim our prowess, accomplish with our work, express ourselves with our clothing, our voices, our creations. And we are touched, altered, influenced by others, feeling kinship or alienation, finding and providing understanding to each other, joining together or opposing, challenging, obstructing.

Balance is not static. To shine more and reflect better are always in flux. We come to Earth to do both—to express our soul’s essence and purpose, to sing our song, to bloom in our own unique way, and to love, to appreciate, to bond, to collaborate. From our geocentric perspective, the Sun and the Moon are the same size. They are positioned perfectly with the tiny Moon close to us and the enormous Sun far enough away that they appear the same. We need both equally. As above, so below.