Gingerbread Spectacular

And the 2017 Most Spectacular Gingerbread is ...

See the gingerbreads this weekend, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Fri, 12/15/2017 - 9:30pm

Story Location:
86 Townsend Avenue
Boothbay Harbor  Maine  04538
United States

Cathy Sherrill and Kevin Kiley announced the winners of the Gingerbread Spectacular at the Dough Ball Dec. 15 at the Opera House at Boothbay Harbor.

For the second consecutive year, Susan Brackett took Most Spectacular honors with  “The Mice Christmas Eve.” Sherrill presented Brackett with a crown made of ... you guessed it,  gingerbread, which fit quite well actually ... 

After the awards, Brackett explained the idea for the gingerbread came to her during the Halloween Scary Readings at the Opera House. One reader brought in three old wood secretaries.

The devil’s in the details and Brackett’s secretary is full of details – within the space of the open drawers, to the shelves with toys and books (yes, with words!) and the gorgeous windows made with Isomalt, which Susan said really was easier than melting sugar. She poured the Isomalt into the frame and ... presto change-o ...  it worked great!

From an alien world, to under the sea, to roundabouts (yes, for the first time gingerbread roundabouts hit the scene, and not just one. There were two); to works of art and landmarks to supernatural Netflix shows and board games ... this year’s Gingerbread Spectacular was out of this world!

Categories and winners:

Most Spectacular - “The Mice Christmas Eve” - Susan Brackett

Almost Most Spectacular - “Home  Sweet Home” - Vi Eastman

Largest - “Santa’s Village” by Rosemary Bourette, Jessica Nadeau and Pauline Nadeau-Miller

Most Obsessive Compulsive - “Scientific Sea Floor” - Bigelow Labs

Best Youth Entry - Makayla Pinkham

Most Creative - “Loving Vincent” - Susan Brackett/Boothbay Harbor Framers

Most Weird - “Stranger Things” - The Perkins Family

Most Hilarious - “Round and Round We Go” - Paul and Louise Cowan

Most Uncontrollable Icing - “Pet Play” - Madeline Burt-Weeks

Best Holiday Spirit - “Christmas Carols” (the Peanuts gang) - Pandy Dickinson

Most Delicious - “Day After Christmas” - Katie Russell

Best Traditional Gingerbread Design - “The Christmas House” - Della Hahn

Best Representation of a Local Landmark: “Bet’s Fish Fry” by Bonnie Ginger, Ron Ginger and Lauren Stockwell

Judges: Small Gingerbread Home Loan Officer Brenda Blackman of First National Bank, Gingerbread Matriarch Pat Kiley, Preacher and Peacekeeper among the judges Kit Sherrill, Boothbay Harbor hospitality maven Bonnie Stover of the Tugboat Inn, and Candy Man Arthur Webster of Orne’s Candy Store.

More to come for next week’s print edition!