DAR surpasses one million members since its founding

Pemaquid Chapter marks milestone by celebrating its local members
Tue, 01/14/2020 - 8:15am

Last fall the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) surpassed one million total members who have joined the organization since its founding in 1890. The DAR is a women’s service organization whose members can trace their lineage to an individual who contributed to securing American independence during the Revolutionary War.

Pemaquid DAR Chapter, organized in Head Tide has welcomed many daughters since the chapter began in 1932. Pemaquid Chapter is excited to join the National Society in celebrating this milestone by spotlighting members of the chapter through the years.

Throughout Pemaquid’s 88-year history, its membership has included many remarkable women from the local community.

Past Regent "Mickey" Louise Elida DeAngelis Brown is an outstanding member of the Pemaquid Chapter of the NSDAR. Her mother before her also served as Regent. Mickey was a beloved RN and worked for many years at St. Andrews Hospital in Boothbay Harbor, Maine. As regent of the Pemaquid Chapter for 10 years, she organized the annual Good Citizen Awards in the four high schools of Lincoln County. She organized Christmas gift giving to the Maine Veterans at Togus in Augusta, cemetery stone cleaning, and placed historic plaques and markers for veterans and DAR daughters graves throughout Maine.

Miriam Katherine Forrest Buckley is a cancer survivor and continues to be active in the DAR. Miriam (and her sister, Paula Clinton) are proud of their patriot, Peter Norton. She is very interested in the history of our country, insisting that we as DAR members read the U.S. Constitution and know what it stands for. Miriam has been a driving force in advocating that we devote our resources to the worthy endeavor of Wreaths Across America. She provides wreath pins for all members attending the ceremonies, encourages us to purchase wreaths and presents a wreath pin each year to Congressional Medal of Honor recipient, Executive Director Karen Worcester, also a DAR member. Miriam and her husband Dan own and operate Damarin Antiques and are avid readers. At one of our summer meetings held at Miriam's home in Damariscotta, she prepared a list of books for members to read to help further the understanding of our great nation, the list reads below;

“The Great Upheaval, America and the birth of the modern World, 1788-1800” by Jay Winik

“April 1864” by Jay Winik

“The Killer Angels,” about the Battle at Gettysburg and our own Maine native hero Joshua Chamberlain, by Michael Shaara

“Grant,” by Ron Chernon

“American Caesar, Douglas Macarthur 1880-1964,” by William Manchester

These are just two of the one million women who have joined DAR since 1890. Each DAR member has a unique story, but all share a passion for historic preservation, education and patriotism and a dedication to her local community.

Pemaquid DAR Chapter focuses much of its efforts on veterans at Togus, homeless women veterans, those currently serving in the military, local education and historic preservation. The chapter encourages women interested in DAR membership to come to a meeting. We meet every second Tuesday of the month at the Lincoln Home Library in Newcastle.

If you are interested in learning more about DAR membership, visit https://www.facebook.com/PemaquidDAR/ or https://www.mainedar.org/pemaquid/ or contact Audrey Leeds Miller, 633-7089.