LCRPC seeking state grant to fight climate change

Fri, 01/21/2022 - 8:45am
    Lincoln County is working in conjunction with two other southern Maine municipal organizations and a consultant to reduce the state’s carbon footprint.  Lincoln County Regional Planning Commission received approval Jan. 18 from county commissioners to seek a Community Resilience Partnership Grant along with partners Greater Portland Council of Governments and Southern Maine Planning and Development Corporation to seek a grant from the governor’s Office of Policy, Information and Future. 
    Strategic Project Manager Sandy Gilbreath of LCRPC sought commissioners’ approval to seek the two-year state grant. Gilbreath explained the group partners would seek the maximum $100,000 per year to aid southern Maine communities in fighting climate change. Gilbreath explained grant funding would be divided between the members with Lincoln County receiving about $15,000 to $30,000 per year.
    “We still don’t know exactly how much each entity will receive. It will be pretty even, but (Southern Maine Planning and Development Corp.) may receive more as the grant’s fiscal agent and will handle  the paperwork,” she said. 
    Gilbreath explained the state grant didn’t require a local match. The partnership would help municipalities with green infrastructure projects, buying alternative fuel vehicles, and other climate action plan initiatives. 
    Commissioner Bill Blodgett of Waldoboro asked what role LCRPC would play in assisting the county’s 19 municipalities in their individual climate change projects. She reported the first step would be hiring a consultant to help implement a climate change action plan and identify potential projects. “Most of the communities will do their own thing. The partnership will assist communities in finding funding and resources.”