From the assistant editor

Make it right

Wed, 08/03/2022 - 8:45am

    Who are the Mason Station vandals?

    At press time, we did not know. But besides any clues in the image Wiscasset Police Department released following last week’s incident that allegedly included throwing a caretaker’s wheelchair down three floors, we knew something about the actors: They have a lot of making up to do.

    Loose lips tend to follow reckless and highly publicized acts, and the Central Maine Power camera image may help draw tips, so this Wiscasset whodunnit has every chance of being solved. We hope if any readers know something, however they know it, they will be able to tell the police department.

    But we also really hope any of those involved would take the first step toward righting things: Cooperating with authorities.

    The actors did not show respect for others or themselves, or that they cared about doing the right thing. But if they just could, if they could see better now, to make a different choice, we would know something else about them: They are more than, and can be better than, what they chose to do last week.

    Week’s positive parting thought: Thank you, Westport Island’s George D. Richardson Jr. for 32 years as a selectman, and for being ever accessible and up front, and respectful of and wonderfully humored toward the press. Another longtime Westport Island official, Gaye Wagner, announced via email, last weekend’s event in Richardson’s honor had a “great turnout, great spirit, and (was) a fitting sendoff for a man who has dedicated himself to his beloved Westport Island home.”

    Well done, all.