Midcoast Friends invites public to day of prayer for peace

Mon, 03/13/2023 - 8:15am

    The public is invited to join with the Quaker (Friends) community at the Midcoast meeting on Saturday, March 18, by stopping by to join them in silent prayer between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.. The doors will be open, and people are invited to enter quietly and join in for as long as they wish. The meetinghouse is located at 77 Belvedere Road in Damariscotta.

    Quakers are a “peace church.” They have historically supported peaceful ways of settling conflicts and differences, and believe in the dignity and value of every person. In the 19th century, many Quakers were abolitionist, and worked to eliminate slavery. They helped to feed and resettle refugees in the First and Second World Wars, and provided medical and social assistance to people injured in Vietnam.

    Today, Quakers operate programs globally through their meetings (churches) and organizations to assist people suffering from conflicts, poverty and inequality, and to address environmental concerns. At the present time Quaker service work includes: providing aid for refugees, working to improve conditions in prisons, encouraging positive actions around climate change, and speaking out about the violation of human rights the world.