letter to the editor

A new, principled voice for the Maine State Senate

Mon, 10/12/2020 - 4:15pm

    Dear Editor:

    On November third, those of us in State Senate District 13 who yearn for integrity and fresh thinking in Augusta will be voting for Chloe Maxmin.

    The need for her leadership has never been greater: The public health and state economic challenges of COVID-19, our widespread opioid addiction crisis, inequalities in educational opportunity, and the environmental threats of global warming are just some of the issues facing our legislators this year. Old ideas and partisan reactions to these problems no longer work; we need new perspectives and bold solutions. Chloe brings the right character and skill sets to the table; let’s give her a seat!

    Raised on her family’s farm in Nobleboro, Chloe’s ethic of hard work and uncompromising honesty sustained her through high school at Lincoln Academy and college. Her love of rural Maine brought her back to us, where she has worked tirelessly and successfully for senior citizens, homeowners, farmers, students with financial debt burdens, and those of us whose health challenges are exceeding our ability to pay for good healthcare.

    Her community leadership won her the State House seat for District 88 in November 2018. Since then, she has been researching bills, contacting constituents, and voting independently on a wide array of issues, from rural transportation to broadband access to green-energy investment to affordable healthcare.

    If you have had the pleasure of meeting Chloe, as I have, you know that she represents the best of Maine values and traditional care for our neighbors. Her personal authenticity and genuine concern for others are remarkable. She has worked with intensity and grace to improve the quality of life in our beautiful state; all we have to do is vote for her on November third.

    Bill Hammond

    Barters Island