River Arts West Gallery

‘The Quartet: Four Maine Women; Four Mediums; Four Passions’

Posted:  Tuesday, October 24, 2017 - 11:30am

Four artists will be exhibiting together in the River Arts’ West Gallery Oct. 19–Nov. 1: Cindy Rehagen Langewisch with black and white analogue photography, Margo Ogden with monotype prints, Laura Basilli Hamilton, clay sculpture, and Janice Norton with oil pencil drawing. A reception for the artists will be held to coincide with the River Arts’ “Artist Choice” exhibition opening on Oct. 27 5-7 p.m.

Jancie Norton of Fayette, works with colored pencil, painting primarily on portraitures of adults, children and animals. Living in a rural area gives her wonderful subject matter of all kinds. I always have my camera ready. In the past several years, I have incorporated other mediums such as watercolor, gouache, acrylic, charcoal, ink and pastel, which I feel have enhanced my work as an artist. Working with a blend of mediums, I can create the look and feel I look for in a painting and that for me is exciting.

Cindy Rehagen Langewisch of Livermore Falls creates her analogue images in natural available light in the out of doors and utilizes black and white negative films. For this exhibit, her images were made using multiple format camera types (35mm, medium and large formats, pinhole). Cindy processes all her black and white films and photographic prints in her home based darkroom and studio, and completes the matting and framing tasks herself.

Margo Ogen of Hallowell describes her print work: “When I first began working with monotypes, I was mostly interested in how veils of color could be built up to create shapes and depth. Now, I have a need to add texture to my prints, and am working with collagraphs, hand painting, printing on collaged paper, and variations on chine collé. In my grid prints, I create relief blocks to make various textures, which I ink and print many times to create my desired effect. Each block has a different role to play. This expanded vocabulary has allowed my process and imagery to emerge in a more contemporary way.”

Laura Bascili Hamilton of Augusta will be exhibiting her ceramic work. "Working with clay gives me a non-verbal expression. Working with clay, like gardening or cooking keeps me in the present moment. It's easy to not think as the thinking mind has a laser focus. Therefore the process is very satisfying and joyful."  The subject matter is an expression of nature through the lens of yoga, astrology & the natural world.

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