Seeing: Red

Wed, 04/03/2019 - 6:45am

For our first photo gallery where we are inviting submissions on a certain topic, we chose a subject that really stands out — especially after a season of white and “mud” – the color red. The subject of the photo must be predominantly red.

We have the ability to put 100 photographs in our galleries so get out there, take your photos, and send them to either or and we will add them to the gallery. We will accept up to five photos from each photographer. We also want to credit the photographer, so please send the photo with the name of the photographer.

Be observant, be creative – please, no obvious STOP signs — and please check back to view the photos. We hope not to duplicate postings. Submissions can be similar (such as a red door – there are plenty around) but not identical to the ones already posted. That’s why we want you to check back and view the gallery.

We will keep the Seeing: Red gallery open until it is filled, so if we start another topic gallery in about a month, don’t give up. Keep sending us your photos.