Westport Island updates

Tue, 03/19/2024 - 10:45am

    Hello Islanders!

    Ah country living in the spring. Mud, mud, and more mud! Roads are posted, which means any trucks over 23,000 pounds should not be driving on town roads. This includes all roads except for Main Road north of the upper entrance to West Shore Road, which is the DOT's problem. It's OK if the roads are frozen solid, but looking at the weather forecast I think those days are behind us! 

    • Results of Feb. 24 Special Town Meeting: For anyone who thinks their vote doesn't count, the vote at our Special Town Meeting on whether to stick with a Board of Assessors or switch to a single professional assessor was a tie! Since passage requires a majority, the warrant item did not pass and we are sticking with a Board of Assessors for now. Thank you to all who came and participated! 


    • Results of the March 5 Presidential Primary Election: This one was slightly less competitive. Westport Island Democratic primary first choice results were Joseph R. Biden, Jr.: 69, Dean B. Phillips: 3, declared write-in Stephen P. Lyons: 0, and 6 blanks. Republican primary first choice results were Ryan L. Binkley: 0, Ron Desantis: 0, Nikki R. Haley: 44, Vivek G. Ramaswamy: 2, Donald Trump: 66, and 3 blanks.   


    • Local nomination papers available: Public service – it's a tough job, but somebody's got to do it! The offices of Selectboard Member 2 and RSU 12 Board of Directors member will be on the June 11 local ballot. If you are interested in running, please come to the Town Office during regular hours to take out nomination papers. See the Nomination Papers Notice for details.   



    • CMP tree work: CMP would like you to know that they will be conducting tree trimming and removal if necessary along their lines this summer. They may or may not be able to notify property owners ahead of time. If you have a tree near the lines that you are fond of, you may want to give CMP a call! 


    • June 11 State Primary, RSU 12 Budget Referendum, and Municipal Election: Lots on the ballot in June! Not too many details yet since all these ballots are still being determined, but stay tuned. Voters can now request an absentee ballot by calling or stopping by the Town Office. Absentee voting will begin in early May and ballots will be sent out at that time. 


    Please see the Town of Westport Island webpage for more information and follow us on Facebook. If you know any Westport Islanders who are not receiving these updates, feel free to let them know they can be added to the list by emailing townclerk@westportisland.gov

    You can find us at the Town Office at 6 Fowles Point Road during our office hours of Tuesdays 10 - 6, Wednesdays 10-2, and Thursdays 10-2. Call us at 882-8477 or email us anytime!

    All the best, 

    April Thibodeau, Town Clerk, townclerk@westportisland.gov
    Dedee Greenleaf-Hodgdon, Municipal Agent, excise@westportisland.gov
    Ashley Murray, Tax Collector/Treasurer,treasurer@westportisland.gov
    Selectboard Members Donna Curry (Chair), Jeff Tarbox, and Lisa Jonassen, selectboard@westportisland.gov