Fancy, Fancy cars in Paris

Mon, 07/19/2021 - 5:00pm

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This just in: Blueberries!!!! North of the Border began selling just-picked blueberries on Sunday.  The price this year is $6 for a very clean quart.  No stems, no leaves. 

Donna bought our first berries Monday.  She put the first quart on the cookie sheets and then into the freezer.  She'll put up enough  that we'll be able to have blueberries on breakfast cereal well into April of next year. (If we got a bigger freezer ...)

Donna said there's been a change since the Border's owner, George Green, passed away in late 2019.  She said the cash register's been moved from the back of the store to the front.  That’s what passes for change in Maine, sometimes.

Saturday was  Founder's Day in Paris, Maine. The “same old/same old” was still spectacular.  On display were more than 60 classic cars, owned by the late Bob Bahre. They ranged from Packards to French-made Delahayes, a one-of-a-kind Cadillac convertible and, everybody's favorite, a Tucker 48. Bahre was a real estate developer whose businesses included creating the Oxford Plains Speedway featuring NASCAR. https:///2020/07/24/developer-car-enthusiast-multimillionaire-bob-bahre-has-died/?rel=related

After spending a few hours ogling the cars we drove about an hour to  Lewiston to visit Val's Drive-In. A good time was had by all. Juicy burgers, malted milk shakes, French fries, fried pickles, and cheese curds . 

Soon after we arrived at the grounds of the the Bahre estate we saw about a dozen dozen pop-up tents with folks selling quilts, hand carved wooden lamps, and miniature car replicas.  One of the most aggressive sellers was a six-year-old girl, who had no problem approaching everyone asking, "Do you want to buy something?" She was offering lemonade and muffins, and pushing hard.  She and Donna began talking and the girl said she is working to complete the paperwork to be considered a 501-c3 non profit charitable agency.  That should help sales!

On our menu last week, first visit this year to Water Street Kitchen and Bar.  Won't be the last. Water Street is a good example of why you shouldn't let first impressions overwhelm you.  Two years ago, when they opened, the Kitchen needed some help.  The menu was set in stone - not much change and not much excitement.  This year, it's something special.    Clams, oysters, and broiled haddock are highlights. We were there on Wednesday evening, and they were packed, helped by a birthday party of 12.  Lots of locals enjoying the place too.

Yo!, Ed Colburn (Water Street's owner) ... See ya soon!