How to be cool: Five Islands

Sun, 08/07/2022 - 10:45am

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Hot! Hot! Hot!  Here, too!  

“Real Feel” temperature Sunday, 99 degrees! Cray! Cray!

One “beat-the-heat for a little while” strategy is to head to the Five Isands Lobster Shack on Georgetown island.  Prettiest little harbor with real lobster fishers (There are lobster-women, you know), an ice cream shack featuring Gifford’s (the REAL thing), and beer.  Here’s a video, see for yourself.

This weekend, my 10-year-old Macbook dredged up some pictures from the past, and one was of the menu at Five Islands.  It said they were out of two-pounders, but had the 1 1/4 type-pound, for $8. That’s not far off today’s price which means when the lobstermen  complain about costs and prices, they’re not kidding.   $8 then, $10-ish now?

Speaking of Red’s Eats ... the owner, Debbie Gagnon, posted on Facebook a list of the dozens of local businesses with which she does business.  She wants to encourage folks to buy local. That’s the reason I go to  Ames True Value.  Support the home team.  But I bet there will be some kvetching this week, from businesses not on the Red’s list.

One local business that’s, sadly, now out of business is Little Village Bistro, on Gardiner Rd, near the Quik Stop.  Looks like Tony Bickford’s plan to transition to high-end take out/catering is not going to happen.  The building and business is now listed for sale. (Call Sherri Dunbar

We had Peter and Terri Wells over for dinner.  Donna did a terrific glazed Gulf of Maine salmon over bowtie pasta, ratatouille and, ta dah!!!! - lavender-infused creme brulee.  And tonight we are going out, up the coast to Camden, for dinner. Livin’ high.

 Terri and Peter are swamped-busy preparing for next week’s Schoonerfest, celebrating the maritime history of Wiscasset.  They are the non-stop energy which founded the festival last year, drawing an estimated 1,500 people to town.  This year there will be even more music, food, schooner rides, geocacheing , and ... fun!

Donna’s also gathering blueberries, which have come into season in the past two weeks.  She buys them from the Green family who own North of the Border.  For years, she’s cleaned ad frozen enough “blubes” so that I have them for breakfast as long as six months later. The Greens will save her the freezing job.  She can just buy’em already iced.  $6.50 a quart. Saving her hours of work.