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Thu, 06/04/2020 - 12:15pm

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  • Frank Barnako is a seasonal resident of Wiscasset at Clarks Point on the Sheepscot River.   His career in journalism included on air and news director positions with CBS and NBC Radio and TV stations.  He was a pioneer in the Internet, helping to create and co-found where he also developed a 200-station radio network and wrote daily columns focused on the stock market, business news, and technology. Barnako describes himself as “an aspiring photographer,” whose work can be seen at<>. He is a member of the town’s Investment Advisory Committee. Email him at

HILTON HEAD ISLAND, SC – We’re making our lists, and checking them twice ... as we prepare to head north to Wiscasset in a few weeks.  We’ll leave the heat and humidity behind.  And tourists.  This island of 40,000 people can ‘welcome’ as many as 2.75 million visitors a year.  The golf and the tennis and the beaches are great in Hilton Head, but I’ll take a kayak at sunset on the Sheepscot any time.

Even  though we’ve been making the south to north trip for 15 years, I still look for new things to do while we’re in Maine.  This year, could be our first visit to Bar Harbor; maybe Acadia, too. (Amazing right? Have’t been to Acadia!!??!)  To prep each year for our summer I read and watch. For print, of course, I read - and subscribe to - the Wiscasset Newspaper and the Lincoln County News.

I also subscribe to Maine Magazine - a gorgeous monthly with a killer feature, “48 Hours in ...” They feature a different town or two each issue, giving you an itinerary of the best and most interesting things to do.  Of course Down East is a must read, too.

Here’s one you may not know about: Newson.  It’s an app for your digital device which lets you watch, free, local news programs.  Which means we can watch the Portland TV station newscasts, on demand. Channel 6 is our favorite (Hi, Cindy!) , and Keith Carson is our weather guy!.  We also check out Channel 6’s nightly feature/magazine program, “207”.  It does a great job of highlighting things to do.